We are going to take you on a journey, now. A journey to the center of the Weirdness. Take a few seconds to mentally prepare for what lies ahead. When you think you're ready, scroll through these horrifying pictures that will make you scream.

He took the sentence "We will have flying cars in future." very seriously.

Is it real?

Mastered in space management.

Hey peacock, where are you going with an idiot?

Alien from the techno world.

When you lie to your boss for friends and suddenly see him in a way.

Monster is coming to your city.

Are you serious? Eating pizza with chopsticks.

When your husband doesn't follow your orders.

The real question here is "How did she climb up there?"

What the hell is he doing?

What the hell is this? Is it some kind of illusion?

Always keep your assets in front of your eyes.

This person took the transparency to the new level.

When you are angry and tired at a same time.

WTF! Their intentions don't look great.

Pink pet is a new fashion trend.

They said: "Flood is coming". I said: "But, I am hungry."

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