You Can’t Sue These 5 People Because They Found A Loophole

Have you watched cable TV lately? The number of class-action lawsuits out there might outnumber the stars in the sky. Everybody's suing everybody these days, and while some people have good reason to, it seems like there are just as many people who aren't really seeking retribution, they're just looking for easy money.

Just because somebody does something you don't like, or they do something that you wish you had thought of first, that doesn't mean you should take them to court, so, it looks like you can't sue these 15 people, because they found a loophole. Although, we have a feeling that once you see how clever they are, you won't want to sue them anyway, you'll want them to mentor you so you can learn their lit ways.

Pineapples are the new pumpkins, pass it on
There's a rule against people bringing pumpkins into the dorm? What? Why?! That doesn't make any sense! These college students, bombarded with stress and pressure at every turn, aren't allowed to add a little levity by carving jack o' lanterns and displaying them in their dorm, because...? Is it because of the fire hazard of the candles? Because they don't have to use candles, you know, you can use battery powered lights. Is it because some people are allergic to pumpkins? Or because they'll go bad? Are too scary? Or maybe it's because this school's dean just hates fun.
Well, whatever. It doesn't matter if these kids can't bring pumpkins into the dorm because they already found a loophole. Sorry, SpongeBob, but this pineapple o' lantern is already taken.
Once again, Snoop Dogg makes an excellent point
Ugh, we hate these "would you rather" questions. We can never chose a definitive answer! We mean, we're pretty decisive (wait, are we? Maybe we aren't decisive at all. Hmm. No, no. We are. We definitely are decisive, it's official! Yes. Decisive, that's us. Or, are we?). But, when you ask us to pick between, oh, say, cats and dogs, for instance, or taking selfies and taking video, we just can't decide. It's too hard to pick!
Forcing us to pick which one of our beloved personal items—our books, shoes, clothes, gadgets and assorted knick knacks—we would chose to save over all of the rest is cruel and unnecessary, but fortunately for us, Snoop Dogg found a loophole, so all of our stuff is safe. Hooray!

Is this progression or regression? You decide
Alright, everyone, we don't wish to alarm you, but it appears that technology has been broken, possibly beyond all repair, however it's too soon to say for sure. There's no need to panic, really, but things are looking pretty bad. *Takes out handkerchief, wipes sweat off forehead, curses under breath* There's no evidence that suggests things can't be fixed, but still, you should all prepare for the worst, just in case. Again, please *breathes into paper bag* do not panic!
Well, we're feeling uncomfortable, how's everybody else out there doing? This image is unsettling, even if this gadget expert did happen to stumble upon a pretty cool loophole. The question now is, does this mean that a broken touch cellphone can technically be called a computer?
Katie don't need nobody, she's got her savagery to keep her company
Oh, how clever this poor little kid must have believed themselves to be to hand Katie this "do you like me, check one" note while withholding a "no" option. Oh, how proud of themselves they must have been as they sat at their desk, twiddling their thumbs, anxiously awaiting Katie's answer, knowing all along that there was no possible way they could be outsmarted. And, oh, how their face must have fallen when Katie passed the note back to them, and they opened it up only to learn not only is Katie a complete savage, but she also found a loophole.
This is sad in a hilarious sort of way that only kids can manage to execute properly. We should all just be grateful we're not in middle school anymore.

Jackie lives by her own set of rules
We have a gut feeling that "If I White Out The Question, Then It Never Existed "Jackie, here, is related to "There's A 'No' In 'Know'" Katie from just a second ago. We can't prove it or anything, but just you go and look at these two loophole locating kiddos and try to tell us that the same savage blood doesn't run through their veins. See? It can't be done.
The idea that Jackie and Katie are related may be nothing more than a head cannon, but we like it, so we're sticking to it. If these kids aren't too busy with their after school activities, maybe they wouldn't might giving us some savagery tutoring. We've got a lot to learn, and it looks like there'd be no better teachers.
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