10 Crazy Ice Cream Flavors You May Want to Try

10. Basil avocado ice cream
In So-Bou restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana, basil avocado ice cream is used to top the pineapple-coconut yellowfin tuna tartare. This refreshing appetizer is a great way to cool down in the hot southern climate.

9. Octopus ice cream
For most people, octopus ice cream sounds like a bad joke but in some Eastern Asian countries including Japan or North and South Korea, this dessert is very common and popular.
8. Garlic ice cream
This ice cream usually consists of vanilla, or honey, and cream as a base, to which the garlic is added. This ice cream is a food item on The Stinking Rose’s food menu where it is treated as a “sauce” to accompany food items like steak or it can also be consumed as a dessert.
7. Sardines and brandy ice cream
Another unusual ice cream flavor from Japan. This one, featuring sardines and brandy, is definitely one of the most bizarre. However, since fish is widely eaten by Japanese across the nation throughout the year, its inclusion in ice cream should not be that surprising.
6. Cucumber ice cream
Combination of almost any kind of vegetable and ice cream sounds really strange but this flavor is refreshing, creamy, cool, and subtle. The recipe is very easy. All that’s needed is sweetened condensed milk, heavy cream, cucumbers and salt. The final taste is allegedly somewhat like melon.

5. Sweet corn ice cream
This ice cream is prepared from sweet corn, cream, sugar, sea salt and a little caramel corn, and then topped with some mascarpone whipped cream. The ice cream is popular in Borgata Hotel Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
4. Parmesan ice cream with prosciutto
The Parmesan ice cream is a fantastic way of adding Parmesan flavor to any cold dish. It can be used as an appetizer or in replacement of a cheese course. To make this unusual delicacy, you need Parmesan cheese, skim milk, yolks, salt, Prosciutto, heavy cream and gelatin.
3. Carrot cardamom ice cream
This unique ice cream is a traditional Indian dessert made out of shredded carrots, clarified butter, milk, sugar and nuts. Cardamom adds a sweet floral flavor to this refreshing dessert.

2. Goat cheese cashew caramel ice cream
Made with tangy goat cheese, salted cashews and stripes of homemade caramel, this flavor of ice cream tastes kind of like cheesecake. It is a specialty of the ice cream shop Black Dog Gelato from Chicago, Illinois.
1. Beer ice cream
For those who love both beer and ice cream, this flavor seems to be best option. Beer ice cream is made and sold in several countries, but one of the most famous beer ice cream is served in restaurant Cestr in Prague, Czech Republic It is made out of caster sugar, whipping cream, honey, dark lager, powdered milk and yolks.
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