10 Deadly Weapons That Are Still Used Until Now

Since ancient times, war is a thing that always terrorize human civilization. Therefore, as technology develops, various countries continue to compete to make the most advanced weapons in the world.
It even really happened with the emergence of various deadly weapons that are still used today. Here are the 10 most deadly weapons that are still used until today's modern era.

10. Barbed Wire

This deadly barbed wire gun was first discovered by a cow breeder named Joseph Glidden in 1874. Initially this barbed wire was used by Glidden to keep the cows from leaving the cage. But in the eyes of others, this barbed wire is considered to have other potential on the battlefield. This barbed wire is beginning to change its role as a tool to protect strategic strategic points. Nowadays the use of barbed wire is becoming more frequent and has a worse impact than World War I.
The number of victims killed by barbed wire is still not known for certain. But some reports on the battlefield say that some members of the military are caught in one of these deadly weapons. Currently the use of barbed wire is not only used by military personnel only, even the normal people use this barbed wire to make the house look more secure.

9. Hollow Point Bullet

Hollow Point Bullet is one of the most controversial deadly weapons in the world. As the name implies, this bullet has a hollow concave edge shape, that's what makes this bullet different from most bullets that have rounded and pointed edges. With a concave bullet shape, making this bullet will cause considerable damage. This is because when this bullet hit the target, the tip of this bullet will spread so that the impact of damage experienced by the target is also widened. This is different from ordinary bullets designed to penetrate the target body, Hollow Point Bullet is more aimed at producing damaged effects on the target area.

8. HEAT Ammunition

High Explosive Anti Tank Ammo or often abbreviated with HEAT has become one of the most deadly weapons that have been used since World War II. This deadly weapon was found accidentally while testing the explosives on concrete walls and steel plates. To penetrate the target armor, HEAT Ammunition uses no energy at all but relies on its unique weapon form. At the end of a cone-shaped bullet is placed a diamond. It aims to create a more focused explosion effect.
Making this deadly weapon is not too expensive but still a deadly weapon that remains feared. Some advantages possessed by this weapon is to have heat flow, can take 25x stroke faster than the speed of sound, can melt the tank so that it can create a molten metal that can hurt people inside the tank.

7. Chlorine Gas

The war on chemicals has long been banned in light of the deadly impact it caused in World War II. During the Second World War it was a good time for the country to use chemical weapons. It was first used by Nazi soldiers who then used chemical weapons in the form of poison gas to kill a number of people in the Holocaust. When Japan fought against the Chinese, Japan also used the same chlorine gas used by the Nazis.
According to some recent reports it says that one part of the region of the Syrian conflict uses this deadly chlorine gas gun to attack several villages. Chlorine gas includes lethal gases that have acidic chemical compounds that attack human respirators. Causes the person who inhales the gas becomes limp and then dies.

6. Depleted Uranium

Depleted Uranium or DU is a deadly weapon made from residual nuclear waste disposal waste and used as a fuel for nuclear reactors. Depleted Uranium has a density of 68% in the middle, much denser than the tip. Ordinary civilians use Depleted Uranium as a protector of radiographic cameras, trimming aircraft weight, making as an artificial gear, and as a calorimeter sample for particle physics.
But actually Depleted Uranium is not for the things mentioned above. Depleted Uranium serves as a raw material in a weapon factory. Due to its high density, Depleted Uranium is the ideal weapon such as armor-penetrating bullet, tank protector material, and also as armor material.

5. Bomb Napalm

One of the deadliest weapons in the world is a bomb that has been made in such a way, mixed with a gel fuel. This gel has a high level of consistency that allows it to stick with the target. Made using a combination of gasoline or kerosene and wrapped using thin aluminum, this napalm bomb can burn targets with temperatures capable of reaching more than 5,000 degrees Celsius.
This deadly weapon was first used by the US Air Force to attack Japan during World War II. Kill as many as 100,000 people and level the land area of ​​24,000 sq. Km. This napalm bomb is hazardous to the skin as it can lead to level 2 or 3 burn levels and can produce toxic gases that are harmful if it is inhaled by humans.

4. White Phosphorus

In Indonesian, which means White Phosphorus, is a deadly chemical weapon often used in war as a cover of artillery and grenade shells so the enemy can not see the attack. Aside from being a weapon, sometimes this white phosphorus can also be used as a marker where the next target will be attacked.
The resulting white smoke is the result of contact of phosphorus pentoxide with water vapor. When that happens, phosphoric acid is formed. This white phosphorus will continue to burn anything until the oxygen around is exhausted or the surrounding objects are destroyed. This deadly weapon also has a fatal impact when inhaled by humans, the white phosphorus can also melt the living thing up to the bone. The use of this deadly weapon was banned for since the issuance of regulations in 1980.

3. Bom Cluster

Among all the most deadly weapons available, cluster bombs almost rank 1st the most dangerous deadly weapon in the world. Dropped from the plane, 1 cluster bomb will turn into hundreds or even thousands of small bombs capable of destroying an area of ​​3x football field. But whether it was intentional or not, about 30% or more of these bombs did not explode and just lay on the ground for years waiting until someone had the misfortune of stepping on this bomb.
This deadly bomb was not designed to destroy buildings, but rather aimed at destroying runways, streets or dispersing convoys of enemy troops. Due to the effects of deadly cluster bombs, many countries still suffered long-term losses even though inter-state conflicts have been over.

2. Nuclear Bomb

The most deadly weapon ever made by humans is the nuclear bomb. Because deadly, nuclear is said to be able to eliminate humanity on earth when the Cold War occurred. Fortunately for us because it never happened, but mankind is still not 100% secure because there are still some countries that have nuclear bombs ready for launch. There are at least 16,000 nuclear bombs that 90% belong to Russia and America. In addition to the two countries, there are still several other countries that reportedly also have a nuclear bomb. These countries include France, China, Britain, Pakistan, India, Israel and North Korea.
Although nuclear bombs have been out of use since World War II of America and Japan, some countries have tried to do how deadly their weapons are. India and Pakistan tested in 1998, North Korea in 2006. In 2009 and 2013 North Korea again conducted a nuclear bomb test where the nuclear experiment had a power 50x stronger than the first nuclear bomb test conducted.

1. MIRVs

Perhaps for many people the idea that there are no more deadly weapons than nuclear bombs. But wait until nuclear is combined with cluster bombs. This combination of nuclear bombs with cluster bombs produced the world's deadliest weapon called MIRV (Multiple Indepedently-Targetable Reentry Vehicle). When MIRV is dropped from space, this deadly weapon will break into dozens of long-range bombs that will eventually fall ashore causing unimaginable damage.
The technology used to make this deadly weapon has long been discovered since the early 1960s and has been one cause of the increasing use of nuclear bombs during the Cold War. This weapon is commonly used for crushing missiles and also an airstrip. Since this weapon is still included in nuclear weapons, the result of the use of this deadly weapon is enormous.
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