10 Dreams That Forever Changed Society

10. Yesterday
Beyond having the most covers of any song in history, The Beatles’s song Yesterday came to Paul McCartney while dreaming. He woke up with the music in his head and wrote it out on the piano next to him.

9. Mathematical genius
Well-known among mathematicians, Indian Srinivasa Ramanujan is said to have published over 3,000 theorems. He claimed Hindu goddess Namagiri would appear in his dreams and tell him new formulas.
8. DNA's double helix
One of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time was the discovery of DNA’s structure. Dr. James Watson had a dream involving two snakes intertwined with heads at the opposite ends, leading to his consideration of a double helix.
7. Nervous system communication
In the early 20th century, scientists thought our nerves transmitted information electrically. After a dream, Dr. Otto Loewi awoke during the night and scribbled some thoughts on a paper. Upon waking in the morning, he realized he had written about information being transmitted chemically, later proven to be true and winning him the Nobel Prize in 1936.

6. Benzene
You might not know much about it, but benzene is a pretty important foundation in chemistry, partly responsible for cars, leather, and high schoolers dismay. Chemist Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz’s dream of a snake biting its own tail in a hexagonal shape led to his discovery of the six-sided benzene.
5. Periodic Table of Elements
Dmitry Mendeleev first came up with the idea for the periodic table in a dream. Unable to figure out how to arrange the elements, he used music heard in his dream to figure out the best way was by their properties and atomic weight.
4. Inception
Director Christopher Nolan is fascinated with dreams. He would frequently practice waking up and falling partially asleep again to try manipulating his dreams in the semi-conscious state. It’s easy to see how this love turned into the Inception thriller.
3. Artillery Gun Leveler
D.B Parkinson, an employee at Bell Labs (started by Alexander Graham Bell and at one time owned by AT&T) was designing an add-on to the telephone in 1940. One night, he dreamt he was in the middle of the war in Europe and, after being shown by an artillery crewman, saw the device he was creating helped the cannon take out Nazi aircraft with surprising accuracy.

2. Satisfaction
Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones attributed his popular song (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction to a dream. He’s said to have recorded the acoustic riffs just before falling back to sleep. (The riffs were followed by 40 minutes of him snoring.)
1. Beethoven
Beethoven was rumoured to be a prolific dreamer, hearing many of his piano sonatas in his dreams and writing them out afterwards. Some historians even say his dreams featured instruments not yet invented. We’d love to hear his Symphony No. 5 on one of those!
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