10 Fake And Misleading Things That Everybody Needs To Know About

There are a lot of things in life that require you to stop and pay close attention. For example, whenever you are signing documents you’ll obviously want to read the fine print. You don’t do that?
Well, you definitely should start. In fact, by the end of this list you’ll probably be much more aware of what is going on around you, or at least you’ll try to be. Why? Because more people are trying to take advantage of you than you would think. From scams to legal loopholes, you have to be cunning to survive in the world today. But this isn’t just going to be about scams. It’s also about marketing and how you can easily be duped into buying silly things that you either don’t need or you thought were something completely different. From price gouging to unfair business practices, there are a lot of things that you need to keep your eyes open for. Granted, most of these things you can’t change. All you can do is shake your head and walk on. But even that is better than not knowing. So get ready for some knowledge because these are 10 fake and misleading things that everybody needs to know about.

10. Large companies don't give away money because you like silly Facebook posts. Your gullibility is just being exploited for cheap advertising.
9. $350 HDMI cables work exactly the same as the $15 ones
8. Eyewitness testimony isn't reliable. New forensic techniques have shown that our brains are very good at playing tricks on us.
7. Reality TV is scripted. The few reality shows that aren't scripted are heavily edited to create drama.

6. Universities charge $30 for lab packets that they make themselves on about 5 cents worth of printer paper
5. Cough medicine has very little scientific evidence backing up its effectiveness. In large part, it's simply a placebo.
4. A whole foods diet cannot cure cancer. It can surely make you healthier and prevent numerous diseases (potentially including cancer). But once you have cancer, it doesn't matter what you eat. You need a hospital.
3. Fruit juice is incredibly unhealthy (even the 100% variety). This is because there is no fiber to slow down the sugar digestion which causes your insulin to skyrocket. You won't be burning fat for a few hours.

2. While social media makes you feel more plugged in, studies have shown that people with Facebook accounts are more likely to be depressed. In short this is because they are always comparing their own lives to everyone else's happy engagement pictures.
1. That lady razor that your buying for extra money. It's the same as the mens, just pink.
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