10 Scams That Most People Don’t Know Anything About

We all fall for it. Whether it’s the occasional Nigerian Prince that needs your help or the guy on the street corner doing “magic tricks”, scams are a dime a dozen. Although most of the time we incredulously shake our heads at the people who fall for them and think to ourselves, “how silly could you be?
Why would they fall for something so painfully obvious?”. The fact is, however, that there are numerous scams out there that you probably knew nothing about. Scammers can actually be quite clever. And if any of you have ever found yourselves trying to recruit your friends for this “cool new business” then congratulations…you are both the scammed and the scammer. But scams can run higher than that. It may be that for-profit college that is offering you a distance learning degree. It may be that travel insurance that will never actually do anything for you. From timeshares to diamond rings, scams are everywhere. Price gouging, misrepresentation, and the whole gamut of nasty tactics are employed to get you into their little scheme. And the craziest thing? Most of us will still fall for it. Human greed knows no ends. These are 10 scams that most people don’t know anything about.

10. Fake monks
In some Australian cities fake monks walk the streets asking for donations. They don’t actually say anything though, instead they just put a gold token in your hand and show you a list of people who have already donated.
9. Psychic Mediums
They’re called “Mediums” because what they do is neither rare or well done. And yes, that was a serious joke.
8. Any "business" where you have to sell stuff to your friends AKA Pyramid/Multilevel Marketing
If you do manage to make any money off of it, then you’re the one doing the scamming. And your friends will hate you.
7. Star Registries
Do you really think that you get to name a star for $50? Maybe you can look into the List25 “star registry”. We’ll let you name a star for $50 too! (that was another joke)

6. Unlimited data cell phone plans
Nothing is unlimited. Nothing.
5. Homeopathy
The only thing it is guaranteed to cure is your dehydration.
4. The biggest download button on the page
The bigger and more colorful the button…they more likely you are to land on a not-safe-for-work webpage.
3. Diamonds
They really aren’t that rare, or even chemically remarkable. Some clever marketing campaigns back in the day, however, managed to convince people they should spend 3 months worth of their income on a diamond engagement ring. Geniuses.

2. Private, for-profit colleges
You can definitely get that education somewhere else for cheaper. And if you can’t, then you most likely don’t need it.
1. Travel Insurance
If something actually does happen…well, good luck getting the insurance company to pay up.
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