10 Spectacular Railways You Should Ride Before You Die

10. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine
A popular spot for in-love couples (for obvious reasons), the Tunnel of Love is a 3 km (1.9 mi) long, green-arches surrounded railway near Klevan, Ukraine.

9. Landwasser Viaduct, Switzerland
Spanning the Landwasser River between Schmitten and Filisur, the Landwasser Viaduct is a 65 m (213 ft) high and 136 m (446 ft) long viaduct in Eastern Switzerland.

8. Maeklong Market Railway, Thailand
As incredible as it sounds, this railway crosses a market. Every time the train passes through, the vendors quickly pack all their stuff and take it away from the tracks. Once the train is gone, they put everything back and continue with their work.
7. Napier-Gisborne Railway, New Zealand
Yes, you see it right. This railway in New Zealand crosses a local airport´s runway. To pass it, the trains need to seek a clearance from the air traffic control.
6.Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia
The longest railway line in the world (9,289 km or 5,772 mi), the Trans-Siberian Railway will get you to some of the most amazing places in Russia.
5. Bernina Express, Switzerland
Connecting cold north and sunny south of Switzerland, the Bernina Express operates between Chur and Tirano. Surrounded by the monumental Swiss Alps, this railway is considered one the most beautiful in the world.
4. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, India
Established by the British Government in 1891, the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is one of the most popular railways in India.

3. Isumi Line, Japan
Located in the Chiba Prefecture, the Isumi line extends through the central eastern section of the Bōsō Peninsula, linking Ōhara Station in the city of Isumi to Kazusa-Nakano Station in the town of Ōtaki.
2. Talyllyn Railway, Wales
Another picturesque railway featuring vintage steam trains, the Talyllyan Railway curves its way through the beautiful Fathew Valley in Northwestern Wales.
1. Maharaja Express, India
One of the most luxurious trains in the world, the Maharaja Express operates between the largest Indian cities Mumbai and Delhi. The train runs on 5 circuits covering more than 12 destinations across North-West and Central India including the iconic Taj Mahal.
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