10 Things Likable People Do Better Than Others

Not all people walking into a room and turning heads are the most confident and gorgeous. Most of the time, they also possess the ability to engage others and remember a person’s name, which is one of the prerequisites in making a successful conversation. Doing this can make a person feel more cherished, which in turn make you a more likable person.

9. Displaying Positive Body Language
Gestures and expressions can make a person more likeable or desirable than any words can. With the right body language, it is possible that you can display a particular amount of confidence, but still appear unassuming. This can be done by keeping eye contact, leaning towards that person, and speaking enthusiastically.
8. Being Inquisitive
Most people who ask more questions often can receive more out of the day compared to those who keep it to themselves. Regardless of the person whom they address the questions, they know the importance of talking with a number of people to improve their outlook in life.
7. They Motivate Other People
Some people require a little bit of motivation unlike others. Although you might feel that you need a little motivation yourself, sometimes others deserve more than you do. Thus, it would be a popular and likeable gesture to become the first one to encourage someone else.

6. They Avoid the Limelight
People who seek more attention than others are those who are intense or controlling. This would lead others to find them unlikely or uncomfortable to be around. On the other hand, likeable people are more easy-going. In this case, even if they are confident and charismatic, they don’t feel the need to let everybody know how popular they are.
5. They Smile Often
The gesture of smiling has been proven to be contagious. Apart from that, it portrays a form of friendliness, which in turn encourages others to return the favor unknowingly. As a result, it makes people feel better.
4. Judging Is Not Their Nature
Exciting and likeable people have a variety of visions. For them, they see beauty and color where others just see garbage and nothingness. If you can develop a mindset like this, it wouldn’t be a surprise to earn tons of friends that close-minded and judgmental people couldn’t do.
3. They Know When to Keep Their Phones Away
The use of mobile phones is a popular trend these days. However, it hinders the communication between two people having a personal conversation. If you can turn your mobile phone off and give people some attention, then it will be instantly appreciated and respected.

2. They Love to Help
Helping somebody who don’t have the knowledge to do it should be a trait of likeable people. This is because they are always ready to help others in need without taking advantage of the situation. Most of the time, they are taken for granted for their effort to help colleagues and loved ones.
1. They Listen
Those with big ears to listen more and talk less are most likely the ones considered more desirable. Those who are always there to listen have the interest to what people say or feel, gaining more admiration and respect from peers in doing so.
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