There are just two photos in here that we need to talk about. The first picture, of the cat standing upright, is truly unsettling. It's not that the feline is walking on its hind legs, but the look in its eyes that says cats just may very well walk around like this whenever humans aren't looking.
The other picture we need to discuss is the cops catching the gator. Are people in Florida always this calm while hunting alligators? We need answers, but we probably won't be getting any, so just enjoy the very funny images.
Scroll through to see 14 funny pictures that are too bizarre to explains. Let us know in the comments which ones really boggled your mind.

1. When you party a little TOO hard
2. Cats actually always walk like this when you're not around
3. Think the driver's alright?

4. When you hire someone to put your IKEA bed together
5. How people see you vs. How you see yourself
6. The worst attempt at opening wine you'll ever see

7. When you're too lazy to take out your own trash
8. I'd buy his album
9. Would you get your haircut in one of these?
10. A wolf howling into the sky
11. When you go down south to escape the cold...

12. They seem so relaxed while wrangling a gator
13. Speaking of Crocodile Hunters
14. Should somebody alert the authorities?
Which of these did you think was the most odd?

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