4 Celeb Duos Who Probably Shouldn't Be Friends (But Surprisingly Are)

A rapper that seems to have the Midas touch, Snoop Dogg released his debut album in 1993 and has consistently put out music ever since. If that weren’t enough, he also appears in lots of other artist’s songs and has acted in movies and hosted TV shows.
However, none of those things should have put him in the orbit of David Beckham who is the most famous football (soccer) player in the world. Two men that have reached zeniths in their businesses few could dream of, they only came into contact with one another because Snoop had a “reality” show.
Brought in to appear in an episode to explain soccer to the Snoop and his son, the two hit it off and are now close enough to call each other brothers.

Additionally, it was even revealed that David was the first to hear one of Snoop’s albums as he called him immediately after it was done so he could get his take on it.

One of the most interesting figures in the entertainment world today, say what you will about Kris Jenner but she is incredibly shrewd and has become the queen of an empire. Called a “momager” because she has guided the career of her famous spawn, she is responsible for all of the Kardashian and Jenner “reality” shows that are loved and hated by so many people. Then you have Lance Bass, a member of the boy band N'SYNC that has largely been out of the spotlight for several years but has contributions to an impressive list of hit songs under his belt.
A pair that appears to have little in common down to things like their age, gender, and lust for fame, they’ve been seen on double dates together and have been hanging out because of a shared love for “reality” TV.
Someone who truly broke out after she gave a stunning performance in the movie Winter’s Bone, after that, Jennifer Lawrence went on to become one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. A four-time Oscar nominee that took one of those trophies homes as well as an endless list of other statues, on top of that, she has also starred in several blockbuster films. In short, if the film industry were anything like the high school movies, she would be the head cheerleader. On the other hand, Aziz Ansari is an actor whose career is mostly based on trying to get laughs, and in our theoretical high school, it seems like he’d be at the bottom of the food chain. That is why we never expected to see these two hanging out, let alone having crazy nights out that include piggyback rides.

Someone who has been kicking around the entertainment industry for a long time now, Tom Arnold has appeared in a long list of films and TV shows. Also well-known for his past marriage to Roseanne Barr and his struggles with drugs and alcohol, Tom seems to have turned things around, but there has been a lot of chaos in his life still.
Fifteen years older than his good friend Dax Shepard, it seems like that may be what has drawn them to one another as both of them have had to struggle to find sobriety in the past. In that regard a heartwarming story, the idea of them supporting one another is pretty inspiring. Still, when Tom revealed that the pair is close enough that Dax offered to be a sperm donor for his buddy with the support of his wife, Kristen Bell, we were taken aback.
4 Celeb Duos Who Probably Shouldn't Be Friends (But Surprisingly Are) 4 Celeb Duos Who Probably Shouldn't Be Friends (But Surprisingly Are) Reviewed by 1 on May 12, 2018 Rating: 5
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