5 Bodacious Celebs Rocking Yoga Attire

You just knew that Kim Kardashian was going to feature on this list. Actually, any member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan could have been included, aside from Rob, of course! But for the sake of some variation, let’s just stick to the most famous socialite of them all.

Kim Kardashian’s not only beautiful, but she’s got a drop-dead gorgeous figure. A lot of people may deem her body to be too fake, but there’s no denying that she’s an absolute stunner. Kim’s got big assets, but there’s one that sticks out, and I mean really sticks out. She’s bootylicious alright. Kim’s renowned for, among many other things of course, having a ginormous behind. She knows it, regularly flaunts it, and there’s no better way for her to do that than by wearing tight-fitting yoga pants. She loves yoga attire because it’s formfitting, and she possesses one hell of a form. I reckon yoga attire takes up a decent amount of her wardrobe space– one of her wardrobes, that is.

Columbian beauty, Sofia Vergara, has always been regarded as being one of the hottest actresses around, and over the past decade or so, she’s become one of the best actresses too. People just lap up Latin American beauties, and Sofia Vergara’s certainly that alright. Despite being in her mid-40s, she’s still got the looks and the sultry physique that made her so famous. Whenever she steps out and about, she turns heads, whether she’s on the red carpet, or is just going to have a little workout session. No wonder– just look at her in her yoga attire. I can confirm that she was on her way to do a bit of yoga in this pic. She visited an LA Yoga studio with her Modern Family co-star Julie Bowen, and they had a pretty fun-filled session judging by the numerous snaps posted by the two on their Instagram pages.

A lot of stars don’t just wear yoga attire because of the look, but because they deem it to be comfortable and fashionable. Many actually wear such attire for its primary purpose: doing yoga. Quite a few celebs out there regularly partake in yoga. Vanessa Hudgens is one of those celebs. You can see in this pic, that she’s rocking the full yoga look, complete with her mat and those shades. She does CorePower Yoga classes, and absolutely loves it. Apparently, when she can find time in between her busy schedule, Vanessa attends these classes many times a week. She’s a fitness junkie alright, and also attends many other classes, including cycle classes. Vanessa considers all of this to be therapeutic. We don’t know about the mind, but body-wise, it’s certainly working.

Jennifer Lopez is another A-list celeb who’s really into her health and fitness. It certainly shows; you don’t look that fabulous when you’re in your late 40's by chance! This is a pic of her stepping out of her car, going to a fitness class in LA. She definitely dressed to impress for that class, whether on purpose or not. She really is looking fabulous. Most people would kill to have a figure like J-Lo’s when they get to her age, but for J-Lo, it’s just what she does. She is always looking fabulous. It's just part and parcel of her life as a superstar. If you look fabulous, you need to wear fabulous clothing to show off your physique, and J-Lo does this by wearing yoga attire. That entire outfit’s pretty snazzy, but again, those eyes are drawn to down below to those yoga pants, which show off the bottom half of her physique splendidly.

Kaley Cuoco’s probably one of the hottest actresses in the world right now. Well, I say now, but Kaley’s been killing it as the lovable Penny on The Big Bang Theory for a hell of a long time. She rose to become one of the most-loved actresses in sitcom history, and still holds that title. People really have become obsessed with Kaley during her role as Penny. Her popularity’s skyrocketed, and consequently, she’s one of the most photographed people in the industry. She knows that when she’s out and about, she’s going to get her picture snapped. So, she ensures she’s looking stunning pretty much around the clock. Even in this pic, she seems a bit put off by the paparazzi, but still looks amazing as she’s going to her yoga class dressed in her sultry yoga attire, mat in hand.
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