5 Of The Strangest Places People Have Gotten Married.

Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin decided to take a risk by standing above a canyon.

The lovers, who are infatuated with nature, stood on a net that was stretched across cliffs above the desert located in Moab, Utah. Ironically, Weglin has always been terrified of heights, so this proved that she really loved her man if she was willing to do something so risky.

Adrian Park decided to make it official by having a wedding in Cancun, but under the sea.

Naturally, Adrian and his bride couldn't talk because they had their breathing apparatus on, but they had everything else like a bouquet and bridesmaids at their side. It wasn't easy exchanging vows underwater, but it was definitely romantic.

Actress/journalist Maria Menounos became the big story when she got hitched in Times Square.

On New Year's Eve, Menounos and her partner Keven Undergaro got hitched in Times Square, and it was filmed live on television. At first, she hesitated when the producer of the New Year's Eve broadcast asked her if she wanted to get hitched on camera, but then she realized that this would be perfect.

Joe Hendricks and his bride took the whole till death do us part to a whole new level.

A wedding at a cemetery is just what most girls dream of... said no one ever! Hendricks and his bride really amped up the creep factor by exchanging their wedding vows in a graveyard in Franklin, TN. Who knew that tombstones could be so romantic?

You certainly know you're marrying the one when you have your wedding at a gas station.

Think of all the things that could have gone wrong at this gas station, like a gas leak causing an explosion and taking everyone out. But this couple wasn't concerned about that because they had each other and a couple of guests who knew how to dance.
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