7 Strict Rules Disney Makes Their Stars Follow (But Some Ditch Anyway)

When it comes to working for the Walt Disney Corporation, there is a lot to consider. Disney owns a lot these days, especially after their recent purchase from FOX. However, Disney used to be a company known for animated characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy.
They would eventually bring out new characters and even focus on content from older books like Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and more.

The problem with working for Disney is that there are some major rules you have to keep in mind. Some of the rules over the years were crazy and others made no sense at all. Meanwhile, some might be understandable. Regardless of what they are, some may question why Disney wanted this from people. Some of these rules were only applied to certain people while others were even removed.
No matter what rule that happened to be in play, a lot needed to be considered for any actor or actress choosing to work for them. Careers can take off here, but they can also end here as well. The rules were often dealt with due to the opportunity. We decided to break down rules that Disney has implemented over the years that you may or may know about. Some will make sense to you while others may shock you. Enjoy.
While a bit of an unwritten rule yet obvious one for Disney is that they do not like when kids grow up too quickly. This is especially a big issue with the girls, since Disney focuses most of their shows on young women rather than boys most of the time. Even when there is a boy lead, they add a major female character as well. The issue Disney runs into is that many young ladies like to grow up too quick, and today this is an issue. Girls are caught in compromising positions due to the rise of camera phones and social media. This has led to leaked images of girls over the years.
Vanessa Hudgens was over 18 when a revealing image of her leaked to the public, but she was playing a high school girl in the High School Musical franchise. Disney was furious understandably. However, in 2011 Shake it Up star Bella Thorne simply was caught in a bikini that was no worse than what you would see at any beach. Her mom even picked this out for her. Disney threatened to fire her over this as it was said it was too risque for a young starlet. We get the Hudgens issue, but the Bella thing was no issue.
Remember that issue over Bella Thorne we referenced? There's an issue for Disney stars from movies to tv shows. This rule is mostly for the kiddos, but it does happen at times for the adults too. Social media posts often have to get permission from someone within the Disney management system, mostly so nothing gets out. The first movie to get this with Disney was Shrek 2, a Pixar film but under the Mickey Mouse company. Mike Meyers and Cameron Diaz had to sign a part of their contract saying they would not say a thing about their characters in the movie without permission by Disney.
The funny thing about Disney is that they absolutely love when actors post online. Some do not use social media, so Disney has set them up with one that a social media manager helps with if the actor doesn't themselves. However, if they do happen to say something about the movie or show, then they have to get permission first. This is also a big deal like earlier when it comes to images. As some of them can be an issue, Disney does ask for people to ask them about the photos if they are not sure. Though this is hardly a written thing for the TV shows, but is now usually all in the movies. Someone like Dove Cameron may not see a social media issue at all for her Disney show, but likely would for the Decedents 2 movie. Marvel movie actors likely are more pressured by it than anyone though.
You ever watch a guy or girl from a Disney Channel TV show any movie from the Disney franchise in an interview? Have you ever noticed how they seem to perfectly dodge anything that seems it could be a tough question? They are taught to do this and often put in what is known as "media training" the moment they get added to a movie or show. This is mostly seen with the younger stars and not with the adults, of course. However, it can affect some adults depending on how an interview goes with them.

Disney teaches the people to play dumb with these interviews whenever a tough question comes up. This is not for questions on what happened in the Civil War. Rather, if they are asked for example how they feel about someone in the white house. This is avoided by a remark like "well, I don't really know." When it comes to Marvel movies, if someone is asked about something specific that they cannot answer they'll often claim they have not seen the movie yet or do not remember. Rather than expose something they likely know very well.
While Disney can ask someone to play a character on television, this is often an issue when they leave too. The idea of how someone talks on television or in a film should not determine how they speak outside of this experience. Nickelodeon has less rules and someone like Ariana Grande spoke differently as Cat on Victorious than she did in real life and Nick never cared. Meanwhile, Bella Thorne had no such luck. Thorne likely is acting out today due to all she went through, as you could easily understand now.
Bella had to talk a certain way for CeCe on Shake it Up than how she really spoke. She has a naturally lower voice than she used on the show, where she seemed to have a bit of a higher voice than really needed. Disney forced Thorne to keep this voice in public for interviews, and she even had to do it for other movies or programs she did for Disney. Even though she played a different role. The reason was because Disney felt the lower voice did not work for the "good girl" mentality they wanted to put off for her and other Disney starlets. She was not the only one either, as several other Disney starlets had similar issues. So it is not a wonder why many change so rapidly once departing Disney.
Years ago during the height of the Mouseketeers, Disney used children like they do today but there was a weird twist. Disney was not as big as they are today, which means they lacked the funds to pay for anything the kids might damage on set. This included those mouse-ear hats we all know of today. Obviously in today's world, these hats cost nothing but back then it was a bit more as they had to be made and sent out with a much bigger overhead. The Mickey Mouse Club included some popular people, of course.
However, this was not always useful to Disney. So if those hats ever got damaged, they had to pay to replace them, which was $50. The show started in the 50's, so you can add a zero what $50 equated to back then. All for a hat. This is also common today. If an actor damages something, Disney has been known to bill them for it or take it out of their next paycheque. It's not as if Disney has the money to be replacing stuff, right? What can billions really buy anyway?

While Disney understands how puberty works, it seems that they lack the full ability to understand the males of their shows. Disney has a pretty big clause with people under contract for their television shows regarding image. For women, there's a loaded list and we've already gone over some of them. However, boys often go through a very weird situation in that they have to make sure to keep their face shaved whenever working on the show so long as they are playing a young man on camera. The likes of Billy Ray Cyrus was never told to really shave, more so than keeping things neat.
However, several stars for Disney expressed how tough this was for them due to playing people younger than who they are. Joe Jonas and Zac Efron expressed that keeping shaved can be annoying, as you have to keep this shaved look the entire time for show filming or movie filming. However, due to the promotional work as well as other things a guy may do for Disney, they have to shave then as well. If Disney was not aware, boys start to grow hair on their face as soon as 12 to 13 and up. So a 16 year old kid can have a slight beard! This isn't crazy policy, as for the longest time Walt Disney did not allow men at his parks to have a beard either. What does Disney have against the beard?!?
Likely one of the creepiest things you'll ever hear is the words "keep it in the family." It may remind you of something from Gone with the Wind for example. However, Disney is known for sprouting up random romances. It seems weird that a lot of Disney actors and actresses end up dating, right? Some say proximity leads to this. In that these kids are always around each other, so it is no shock they might end up dating. What you may not know is that these people are often in Hollywood or Los Angeles, around several other people in the acting or music world.
Disney prefers their stars keep from dating around, as it could be a bad look. However, they are told if they do....be with another Disney star. This is not technically a forced rule, but heavily implied. This is often why you've seen so many together. From Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas to stars from the past like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. It is very common, and though there is no written rule about it, Disney wants them to do it this way. The thought is that it actually works better from a marketing perspective.
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