Amazing Movie Scenes That Were Actually Horrible Accidents

When watching a movie, most of the time you realize that the action sequences and suspenseful moments are fake. It’s very unlikely that any of the scenes could actually happen in real life. A lot of times they are filmed with a green screen behind them, and there are tons of safety measures in place to ensure nobody is injured on set.
However, we all know that some actors will push themselves to the limits in order to portray their character just right or to make sure the scene is as amazing as everyone pictured it when reading the script. But sometimes, all of the safety features set in place, fail. And when this happens, tragedy strikes on set. This tragedy can be terrible, resulting in career ending injuries, but on a few occasions, these tragedies can end with the death of a crew member or actor. Here is a list of horrible movie accidents and curses that will change how you view these movies the next time you watch them.

1. The Dark Knight – When filming a scene for The Dark Knight, they were filming a movie stunt car. During this scene, cameraman Conway Wickliffe was killed because his car missed a 90-degree turn and ended up tragically crashing into a tree.
2. The Hangover Part II – When you think of this movie, you try to wonder where exactly something tragic could have happened. But when Scott McLean, who was a stuntman for the film, was leaning out a window his head collided with another oncoming car. This was during one of the scenes where the taxis were moving. Because of this he suffered from permanent brain injuries, along with physical injuries. He ended up suing Warner Bros. for an unspecified amount and damages.
3. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 – Daniel Radcliffe had a stunt double named David Holmes. While filming a flying stunt, he was thrown against a wall. During this incident, he suffered a fractured neck which caused him to be paralyzed from the neck down. He now has very limited mobility in his arms and legs, but at the time of the accident he was only 25 years old.
4. Now You See Me – In the above picture, you see actress Isla Fisher locked inside of a water chamber. In this scene, she was supposed to escape but she ended up nearly drowning instead. She was stuck underwater for nearly three minutes.

5. The Crow – Brandon Lee, who is the son of the infamous Bruce Lee, was the star of this film. However while filming scenes for this movie, a slug was misplaced during a scene where Brandon Lee’s character gets shot. This slug ended up penetrating his body and Brandon Lee died on set.
6. The Expendables 2 – There was a terrible accident on the set of this movie when a rubber boat explosion took a tragic turn. The rubber boat exploded killing one stuntman and critically injuring a second stuntman. The stuntman who did survive required five hours of operations just to get him into stable condition.
7. Top Gun – While filming one of the plane scenes for this movie, stuntman Art School was killed. He lost control of his plane and crashed into the Pacific Ocean. They were never able to recover his plane or his body.
8. Twilight Zone: The Movie – This film suffered a huge tragedy when a helicopter accident caused Vic Morrow along with two child actors, My-ca Dinh Le and Renee Shin-Yi Chen, to be decapitated while filming a scene based around the Vietnam war. Because of this tragedy, director John Landis was sent to trial, but after seeing the footage, the jury found that he was not guilty.

9. XXX – When this film came out, Vin Diesel was VERY popular. He did not perform his own stunts for this movie, but had a stuntman named Harry L. O’Connor who performed them for him. There is a scene where Vin Diesel’s character had to rappel down a line and land on a submarine. However, O’Connor missed the landing and slammed into the side of a bridge, killing him on impact. This scene was actually left in the final cut, not the part where he died though, as a way to honor O’Connor and his last bit of work.
10. Atuk (unreleased) – This movie was supposed to star John Belushi, as he portrayed an Eskimo visiting New York. He ended up passing away from a drug overdose before filming in 1982. But every person they asked to fill the star role ended up passing away as well. First was Sam Kinison who was killed in a car crash while they were rewriting part of the script. Next up was John Candy who died 14 years after John Belushi’s death from a heart attack. They ended up asking Chris Farley to fill the role, but then he ended up dying of a drug overdose before he could officially be signed on for this lead role. The movie still has not been made.
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