One look at this adorable baby and you may wonder who would want to dye that patch of hair white? Well, stop worrying – it is genetic! The adorable infant, named MilliAnna, lives in South Carolina with her mom, Brianna Worthy. Here is MilliAnna at eighteen months – and she has the same hair coloration as her mother!

The distinctive hair comes from a condition called poliosis, which simply means the hair and skin have no pigment.
Sometimes, the condition just causes a white spot, if the spot happens around the hair line – then the hair has no pigment!
Poliosis often happens in conjunction with another skin disease called vitiligo.

Turns out that the white streak the MilliAnna has goes back several generations.

Brianna’s mother, Jennifer, and grandmother, Jaonne, also have the white patch of hair just above their foreheads.
The family has records that show the unique patch of hair goes back at least four generations (and maybe more)!
Jaonne had been adopted when she was a little girl, and the family history is a little unclear.
Brianna’s younger sister did not inherit the gene. Brianna was often bullied and made fun of by the other kids at school – so, she is prepared to handle it if the same thing happens to MilliAnna.
This is a good time to remember not to judge people by their looks. You don’t know the whole story.

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