Extraordinary People You Won’t Believe Exist

1. Aneta Florczyk
Aneta Florczyk is considered to be the strongest woman in the world. She has entered the World’s Strongest Woman competition many times in her life. She has broken the record for the most wins.
She is able to lift a grown man up over her head with ease. Aneta was born in Poland in 1985 and has been athletic since she was a child. She participated in a variety of sports when she was a child, including figure skating, which she excelled in. It didn’t take long, however, for Aneta to realize that her true passion was in body building.

2. Amou Haji
It is not uncommon for a person to get busy occasionally and they are forced to skip a shower. Amou Haji is an 80 year old man from Iran who has skipped showers and baths for over 60 years. After 60 years of not bathing, he has been dubbed the World’s Dirtiest Man. To make things even more disgusting, he is known for smoking cigarettes that are made out of animal feces. It is believed that he hasn’t bathed in 60 years due to a trauma that she suffered when he was just a child. Amou has chosen to live in seclusion, which is good for the people of Iran due to his smell. He doesn’t get any visitors due to the smell and he certainly doesn’t want any.
3. Cathie Jung
Many women want to have a tiny waist and they diet and exercise to achieve their goals. Cathie Jung is different. She has used corsets to achieve her incredibly tiny waist. For the past 12 years, she has been wearing a corset 24 hours a day. The only time she removes it is when she takes a shower. Thanks to her corsets, she has been able to shave several inches off of her waist. Today, it is a shocking 15 inches. She is also known as The Queen of Hearts, and he has achieved fame for breaking the world’s record for the tiniest waist in the world.
4. Garry Turner
Garry Turner is also known as Stretch for good reason. He has the stretchiest skin in the world. He can pull his skin so far that it can cover a table and he can then wrap it around 3 pints of beer. Garry was not born with the stretchy skin that he has today. It just started a few years ago after he was diagnosed with a skin condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndron, which has caused his skin to weaken and lose its elasticity. He hasn’t let the condition get him down, he actually enjoys amazing his family and friends with his new amazing gift.

5. Hannah Kritzeck
Hannah Kritzeck was born with a very rare type of primordial dwarfism. This condition is so are that there are only 100 people in the world with this type of dwarfism. She is only 39 inches tall and she weighs under 30 pounds. Although Hannah is in her late teens, she looks and sounds like a little kid and people often confuse her for a 5 year old. Sadly, Hannah has several health issues as a result of her type of dwarfism and most people with this type of dwarfism don’t live past their 20’s. Hannah doesn’t allow her prognosis to get her down. She loves to act, sing, and dance, and she is hoping to break out into the entertainment industry. There are many more than 10 people you won’t believe exist in the world, and this list documents just 15 of them. Hannah proves that extraordinary people all come in different shapes and sizes.
6. Yasmina Rossi
Yasmina has a body that most women’s in their 20’s would kill for. She is a fashion model who works with some of the top names in the fashion industry. What makes Yasmina so amazing is that she is a great-grandmother and she is 59 years old. Because Yasmina looks like she is in her 30’s, she is often asked what her secret is. She says that she eats a balanced diet of only organic food and she exercises regularly. When asked how she keeps her skin wrinkle-free, she credits a homemade body scrub.
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