Just when you're sure you know how something is going to turn out there is suddenly a new turn of events that flips everything upside down. People in these pictures decided to go their own way, and came up with some 'unique' results, and whole mess load of fails.
Don't judge the people for trying something new and coming up (well) short, just be happy there are people out there putting their neck on the line [in the case of the first picture, literally] and providing us with content to laugh at.
Scroll through to see 14 funny pictures of people forging their own path. Make sure to leave a comment and let us know which one you thought was the best.

1. "Go Go Gadget Neck!"
2. City cutbacks
3. Who's walking who?

4. What do you think they put in there to do this?
5. When the police are the first on the scene
6. When you can't wait for your food to cool so you bite right in and burn your mouth...
7. Life is filled with difficult choices

8. Hotel water torture
9. Watch your step, and your head. Actually, just watch everything!
10. "Duck it!" - this guy
11. "Hop along now and get to work..."

12. This man deserves a raise
13. Would you hire this guy?
14. Parallel parking
Which of these did you think was the oddest, or straight funniest?

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