Are you a reasonable person who generally thinks things through before acting? Well, you will have trouble relating to the people in these photos. They seemed to jump right in within a second's thought, or tried to correct a mistake and only made things worse.
You'll look at these photos and your gut reaction will be to laugh - because they are hilarious - but then you will pause and wonder, "What were these people thinking, and how did they ever get themselves into these situations?"
Scroll through to see 13 people who made life choices they instantly regretted. Make sure to leave a comment and let us know which one you thought was the most funny.

1. "I love this car, that's why I hold on to her"
2. "Notify the owner. We found his Lexus, but we're going to need him come down and identify the body"

3. Axe marks the spot
4. This is a dirt, bike
5. What would you do if you saw someone shopping like this?
6. This person knows how to party
7. Close enough

8. Someone's about to have major water damage
9. Yes, that's a rear spoiler on a garbage truck
10. I'll follow whoever knows what classic comedy movie this is from
11. When you put your faith in the wrong people

12. Life is full of tough decisions
13. When you really start to question your career choices

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