Horrifying Photos That Will Make You Care More For Your Environment!


This surfboarder in Java islands had some amusing company along with the waves.
Java islands, like most other popular South East Asian Tourist locales produces wastes in major quantities. Because the region lacks proper waste management units, most of it comes to the seas and resides in the water there, affecting the marine life...if this was not enough, there are reckless tourists too!


Due to our wayward ways of waste management the whole environment suffers. And while there are numerous organizations aiming to get rid of this menace, the effects are rather slow. By then a million more animals are dead, or atleast affected... like this one. The turtle's waist, stuck in a plastic band refused to grow, causing anatomical changes!


For our needs, we will go to any extent to conquer, win and acquire - this moto of most organizations, and people in general takes a toll on our environment. Seen here is a bird who fell prey to one such selfish human malice of oil spill!
Check out what the earth is upto below!


Religion is meant to empower and liberate, but today in the name of religion, culture and rituals, there are massive waste producing bodies...where is the sanctity then?
Seen here is a a typical river in India. Religious wastes like flowers, leaves, paper, sometimes even coins end up clogging rivers. Some of India's major rivers like the Ganges, Yamuna, Rewa etc are affected by this malice and though organizations and political bigheads promise a cleansing, nothing has ever happened!


Most of the times, the wastes from first world countries lands up in the third world nations, clogging and killing the environment there.
And that is exactly what this picture depicts. Tonnes of computers and e-wastes lie scattered in a landfill in Acra, Ghana. These would further be disintegrated and cause massive pollution problems!


Water gathers the most amount of pollution in the world, and second in line comes Air. Various industry, domestic and city wastes, sometimes even medical wastes, end up in water outlets nearby. These wastes could contain toxins, oils and other harmful material like plastic, coil etc that could cause damage, but treatments are rarely done!
This image of a frog in polluted water is representative of the world gaping for a breath of fresh air, in this environment of rising pollution!


Smog is the combination of smoke and fog and is caused due to increased levels of pollution in the environment!
This picture from an early morning Beijing Smog will shatter you. Other countries affected by the worst smog are India, Brazil, Qatar, Japan and America!


Penguins are a rarity in the world. Native to the Southern Hemisphere and that too only the extreme cold regions of Antartica (and one species near the equator), the fact that pollution and oil spill has reached even down there, is shocking beyond wits!
Due to excessive and careless oil extraction, these flightless birds suffer. The food they eat is contaminated, so their health suffers from both inside and out!


Seals are extremely cute animals. But this picture is plain disturbing!
Of the wastes that go into water bodies, a major portion is plastics. This plastic coil that cuts through our hands if we handle it for long, has managed to slice through this seals neck, leaving it wounded and in despair!


This image of a bird doused in oil is just gruesome!
Millions of birds lose their lives each year. Either the food they eat is contaminated or the conditions they live in are ruined. What is driving human beings to this selfish extent of becoming murderers of voiceless beings?
It is time to step back and rethink our approaches in life...for if this post didn't make you do so, we don't know what will!
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