More Animal Memes To Brighten Up Your Week

They say that laughter is the best medicine. You also know that if you are a pet owner, that your fur babies can brighten up even the most dismal days. Now, take fur babies and mix them up with memes, and you are guaranteed to get a much-needed laugh. We hope you enjoy this collection that we found for you.


How could you deny that little face? He is so stinkin' cute. We hope they went ahead and let him ride up front, securely in a doggy harness, of course.

Can you find him?

We have to admit that it took us a really long time to find the husky. He is really blending in too well. Without giving too much away, we will just say do not focus on the woods.

What is that?

No, really, what is that? It looks like a squirrel that lost all its fluffy tail hair. It is really more creepy than ugly, but we would have totally thought it was roadkill.


Is that the lizard from the Disney TV show Jessie? I had no idea that it could climb cabinets like that. It might be better to not leave any food around with something like that in your home.

Bird Warmer

Birds are just like any other pets if they are socialized and allowed out of their cages. They like to find nice warm places to nap on. It seems this beauty thought this laptop is her personal heater.

How Kind!

We have to remember that if we are hot, our pets are hot. If the ground is too hot for your bare feet, it is too hot for theirs too. They can burn their little pads just like we can, and it is extremely painful and takes a long time to heal. Good thing this soldier had the heart to help this guy out.

It's the Po-Po!

We wonder the same thing, but they probably just see them as another playmate. It is too bad that police dogs are really not allowed to socialize with regular pet dogs because of their training. It would be cute to see some videos of Police dogs hanging with the regular dogs.


Oh, Snap! It is about to go down. Someone else better throw another kernel down before these two fight to the death over the only one on the ground.


We cracked up entirely too hard at this photo. They really do look like a couple of rich old ladies. The one on the left reminds us of the Queen of Hearts with the black part of her feathers.

Pet Snake

They do say that your pets will mimic human behavior after awhile. That usually happens with dogs and cats and maybe even birds. We have never seen a snake do it. We think he needs his own YouTube channel. It would be great to see what other antics he gets up to.


Yes, these guys do look like grumpy cotton balls. They are both terrifying and cute. Would you have one as a pet?


When a woman says nothing is wrong, she is blatantly lying. She will also never tell you what is wrong. It is up to you to figure it out, or you will be getting these looks for a long time.

Killer Goose

As someone who has been attacked by a goose while minding my own business, I suggest that everyone heeds this sign. Geese are savage and will chase you for blocks just for the heck of it.

Picture Perfect

This cat is my soul mate. I am one of those people who are completely non-photogenic. But, does that really matter? The face she is making is enough to make anyone laugh...grass under her tongue and all.

Don't Do It

This is how all bad things start. There is one guy who tries to get your attention to do something you have no business doing. It is best to just burn the whole computer down than to listen to this guy.

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