Most Interesting Animals that You Probably Don’t Know Exist

You probably haven’t seen most of these animals before. In fact, there are lots of other species who deserves to be included in below list. If you have your examples, feel free to use comments section. Here are 10 Most Interesting Animals that You Probably Don’t Know Exist.

10. Okapi

The Okapi species is closely related to the giraffe family, not the zebra or even a horse. You can only find in the Democratic Republic of Congo and there are only 10,000 to 20,000 left.

9. Proboscis Monkey

These monkeys keep getting more and more attractive as they get older because their noses never stop growing. These noses that make the males so attractive to the females.

8. The Saiga Antelope

This incredible animal has an uncanny nose which is extremely flexible and ıt helps filter out the dust raised by the flock in migration.

7. Gharial

The gharial is one of the longest of all living crocodilians, measuring up to 6.25 m. The world population of gharial crocodile is thought to number less than 235.

6. Capybara

Capybaras are the largest rodents in the world. They can grow over 4 feet long and weigh in excess of 140 pounds. These strange animals are semi-aquatic and have partially webbed feet.

5. Markhor

The markhor is the national animal of Pakistan. They are adapted to mountainous terrain, and can be found between 600 and 3,600 meters in elevation.

4. Rhinoceros Hornbill

Rhinoceros hornbill birds look so weird because they have a casque that looks like an extra beak above their real beak. The purpose of the casque is to make the sounds of their squawks louder. In captivity it can live for up to 90 years.

3. Dugong

It is one of four living species of the order Sirenia, which also includes three species of manatees. These majestic giants have long been hunted for their meat and oil.

2. Slender Loris

The slender loris spends most of its life in trees, traveling along the top of branches with slow and precise movements. They have big eyes giving them excellent night vision.

1. Diademed Sifaka

This species is one of the world’s largest living lemurs, with a total adult length of approximately 105 cm including tail. As of the year 2002, population estimates for the species range between 6,000 and 10,000 individuals.
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