10 Ridiculous Luxury Car Facts That Might Make You Wish You Were Rich

A luxury car is any vehicle that provides luxury (big surprise!), or basically any features that go beyond what is “necessary”. Although this definition is somewhat subjective, there is something of a consensus as to what constitutes a luxury car.
The term luxury may be applied to any number of vehicle types, from vans and sedans to minibuses and sports cars. These days, however, there can be a bit of confusion surrounding premium brands vs luxury brands. Although premium brands tend to be high priced (and they can sometimes cost even more than the luxury equivalent), they are still often considered different. And while high price is certainly one of the factors that contributes to a car being “luxury”, it also boils down to the style, engineering, and even public opinion. Ever since cars hit the road, every era has had its own brands of luxury vehicles. These days, some brands focus almost exclusively on the luxury market (BMW and Mercedes) while other companies have subsidiaries in the luxury department (Lexus is a subsidiary of Toyota). So whether you are planning on buying one of these luxury cars or not, these are 10 Ridiculous Luxury Car facts That Might Make You Wish You Were Rich…or maybe not.

10. A Mercedes Benz W125 achieved one of the fastest recorded speeds on the German Autobahn at 432kph (268mph). The year was 1938.
9. The 1950 Cadillac El Dorado had a mini bar in its glove compartment
8. Because the Tesla Model S doesn't produce any emissions, it is tested on an indoor track
7. In 2010 a money manager in Colorado escaped felony charges for hitting someone when he argued that the smell of his new Mercedes had flared up his sleep apnea and caused him to lose consciousness.

6. Al Capone's bullet proof cadillac was seized by the government and later used as President Roosevelt's limousine
5. If the Lamborghini Aventador flips upside down, onboard explosives will blow the doors off
4. When the founder of Lamborghini approached Enzo Ferrari about helping to improve their cars, Ferrari turned him away because at that time Lamborghini was just manufacturing small tractors. This led to the creation of Lamborghini automobiles.
3. When Jai Singh, the Maharaja of Alwar visited the Rolls Royce showroom in London, the salesman implied he wouldn't be able to afford the car. Insulted, he bought ten of them, shipped them back to India, and had them used for garbage collection

2. The Lamborghini driven by Batman in the Christopher Nolan trilogy is actually a Murcielago. That means "bat" in Spanish.
1. In Skyfall, the Aston Martin was actually a 3D printed model because they didn't want to mess up the original
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