Top Countries With Most Beautiful Lady Soldiers

As you woman are no less than a man. Same conditions apply in every field today. Woman are now in every filed across world. So however woman are also included in their country's army in Christian countries. So let's see who have better and beautiful ladies in the army-

4. Israel
30% of women are soldiers in in this country's army. They not only eye catching and beautiful but they are sharp troops as well.
3. Spain
This country is know for beautiful ladies in the European countries. This country has 16000 women in the army service.

2. Serbia
This European country was not having any of the woman in their army as per their tradition. But they just changed it and added women in their military recently.
Around 12000 thousands women work in british military. During world war 2 due to shortage of army women took positions to protect their country. They are pretty and are very beautiful. They their best service to the army.
1. United States
The inclusion if women in their army was just to serve the male soldiers of their army. They were started including women from 1980's. As every country was having the service to serve men in the army so they decided to do so.

So friends do you think that women should be allowed to work in the country's army. As per I think it's totally wrong. Please leave your opinion in the comment box. Please like and follow me for more. Thank you for reading.
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