10 Kind Of Women You Should Never Make Your Wife

A lot of marriages dry up into thin air and this is mostly caused as a result of wrong choices of spouse. Though our focus is majorly not targeted at the 10 types of men you should never marry but it is aimed at ” the 10 types of women you should never marry.”
Marriage is for a life time, even though divorce is seen to be a little bit dominant. We still can not deny the idea that it is for better and for worse.

10. Bitter Woman

Bitterness in any relationship is the benchmark for conflict. A woman who is always bitter hardly make a good wive,you can recall that alot of homes have been destroyed by this singular trait seen in women. Bitterness could result to verbal abuses and this sometimes leads to domestic violence.
A man may really not need to settle down with a bitter woman, in order to give decorum to his ideal home.

9.Greedy Woman

Relationships grows bigger and stronger when couples comfortably share their resources between themselves.Selfishness is the biggest issue of any bond, a woman who is not willing to share hardly will make up a good home, this is because all she thinks about is herself (Self Centred). She must be able to share ideas and put the relationship first before herself. Always remember that a woman who is determined to make sure she always comes first would not be able to build a cheerful and loving home with you.

8. Materialistic Woman (Gold Diggers)

It is heart breaking to find out that you were married because of financial gain. It drills pain and emotional distress. Although, these days, not every can actually explain the love triangle anymore, as even women who loves your money will pretend to show true love to you so you don’t suspect their selfish drive.
The love for material things is no new thing. Choose a woman who won’t fall in love with your wealth.Though it is quite difficult, but you gotta try it.

7. The Flirty Woman

Infidelity has been the rising cause of divorce. No responsible man ever plans to settle for a divorce but you can’t predict the future of your marriage if you are settling with a flirty woman.
Being faithful to your partner is one of the necessary action to be in character. Remember, the health of your marriage lies on how faithful,understanding both of you are.

6. Party Addict

I’m not saying it is not ok to party, but let us be aware that too much of everything is bad. You don’t give so much priority to nights out and parties and frustrate your lonely husband. If she’s a party freak, then do not have a second thoughts of marrying her because she will always mix up with like minded friends. From parties, it could lead to a flirty woman.Statistics have shown that women who party alot tend to fall into smoking and drinking addiction. You would not love your kids to be trained by a smoking and drunken wife.

5. Spoilt Brat

Many of these spoilt ladies generated their unsafe attitude from their homes. Ladies from rich home tend to misbehave, more especially if their husbands are not meeting up the standard of their parents. If she is not patient to build your empire with you, then she is not the one.
No matter how much you might be willing to provide her with the kind of lifestyle she grew up with.

4. Attention Seeker

Women are natural attention seekers, this is something you can’t take away from them because it is in their character. The moment you realise that she’s in character for so much attention, then their may be a problem. What if you travelled for a long period, and you are not able to provide her with the attention? then their is a probability she will look elsewhere for someone who will meet up her emotional needs. Though this is hardly considered but it should be looked up to.In this case, a good husband must have time for his spouse.

3. The Gossip

These kind of ladies are often referred to as “radio without batteries.” This name was curled as a result of the role they play in disseminating information that does not in anyway improve them to others. Women who concentrate on other peoples matter tend to become more of gossips than wives.Of course you married a woman you can share with, and not some type of woman who will go to the public to share your marital issues with her so called friends. Remember, to stay long, you need to avoid unusual talks to engineers gossip.

2. The Commitment-Phobe

A woman who finds it difficult to commit to anything (school, jobs, family, friendship, etc) would also not be able to commit to a marriage. If she seems to lose interest in everything quickly and is always looking for the next thing to jump into, then you would have a hard time keeping her focused in her marriage.
Get acquainted to someone that is like minded like you. I am not saying, if you are a drunk man, you should settle for a drunk lady. You gotta change your ways and attract your kind. Stop all bad habbits and settle for a lady who is committed to the terms of the marriage.

1. Disrespectful Woman

Don’t dare settle for these kind of woman, because they are ready to turn your home into a matrimonial wrestling ring.If she does not respect you, then their is no way she can reiterate such respect for the marriage. You don’t want to raise kids that will grow up tomorrow to cause havoc right, this is why we must relax our nerves and make the right choice.
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