10 Mammals That Are Shockingly Ugly

While some mammals can be cute, others can be grotesquely ugly. This list is about mammals who fall in the ugly camp. From naturally deformed noses to faces fit for a horror movie, these 10 mammals that are shockingly ugly are not creatures you want to keep as pets (not to mention some of them can kill you…but that’s a different post).
Get ready to be shocked!

10. Pied Tamarin
Found in a restricted section of the Amazon rain forest in Brazil, these new world monkeys are our first contestant.
9. Meishan Pig
Named after a Chinese prefecture, these floppy eared pigs are known for their large litters and prolific reproduction.
8. Saiga
These critically endangered antelopes live on the desert steppes of Kazakhstan and Mongolia and are known for their over sized and flexible noses.
7. Echidna
Along with the platypus this is the only living mammal that lays eggs.

6. Chien Fer
Meaning “iron dog” in English, this breed is found in the eastern Caribbean. It has almost no hair except for a tuft on the head.
5. Wombat
Although they are a rare sight, this nocturnal marsupial will leave ample evidence of passing as it treats fences as minor inconveniences and leaves its distinctive cubic feces everywhere.
4. Hippopotamus
These large pig looking herbivores are actually most closely related to whales and porpoises.
3. Almiqui
Since it’s discovery in 1861 only 36 of these small Cuban creatures have every been caught. They are also the only mammal ever discovered with venomous saliva.

2. Sloth
These slow moving creatures are often home to a number of other organisms including moths, beetles, fungi, and algae.
1. Snub Nosed Monkey
It’s the forward facing nostrils that gave them their name.
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