10 Scary Bridges You'll Have to See to Believe

If you’re not afraid of heights, you have a sense of adventure, and you scoff in the face of danger then you may want to check out these 10 scary bridges you’ll have to see to believe.

10. Trift Bridge - Switzerland
This suspended bridge spans 170 meters in length, and is extremely unstable – probably owing to the fact that it took only 6 weeks to complete. Open only during the months of June and October, this bridge is known to swing wildly when windy, so it should only be crossed in clear weather. Brave hikers will be rewarded with an amazing view of the Swiss Alps, if they dare cross.

9. Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge - New Zealand
As the birthplace of the world’s first commencial bungy site, the Kawarau Bridge is a pretty scary place to find yourself. This suspension bridge crosses the Kawarau River and hangs suspended some 43 meters (141 ft) above it. Hikers and bikers often cross this bridge as park of the Queenstown Trail, so if you’re in the neighborhood, make sure to check it out.
8. Monkey Bridges - Vietnam
Comprising a single bamboo log as a floor, and a single, unstable handrail, it would seem that only a monkey would be able to cross over the infamous Monkey bridges of Vietnam without taking a tumble. If you dare to try, come ready with your towel.
7. Huangshan - China
Also known as the Bridge of Immortals, this narrow bridge is situated in the Yellow Mountains in China (Huangshan). The brave souls who cross this bridge will be treated to a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains, and, if they’re lucky, will find that they’re looking out onto the world from within the clouds.
6. Montenegro Rainforest Bridge - Costa Rica
This suspension bridge is located in the Montenegro Rainforest, possibly one of the most beautiful and diverse rainforests in the world. The bridge is made of wood and is missing many of its rungs, leading to a very awkward crossing, with any wrong step leading to a potentially unfortunate resting place in the shrubs below.

5. Storseisundet Bridge - Norway
If you enjoy rollercoasters, you’ll absolutely adore this bridge in Norway. Although not really dangerous in any physical sense, this bridge does add an element of adventure to the crossing, owing to its steepness and open nature.
4. Millau Viaduct - France
This cable-stayed bridge is located in the South of France, and, at a maximum height of 343 meters (1,125 feet), is the not the highest, but the tallest bridge in the world.
3. Royal Gorge Bridge - Colorado
Located in a theme-park in Colorado, this bridge was known as the heighest in the world until 2001, when it was surpassed by the Liuguanghe Bridge in China. It is suspended above the Arkansa river, and we suggest not stopping to look down while crossing it, for fear of extreme vertigo.

2. Musou Tsuribashi - Japan
This is without a doubt Japan’s scariest suspension bridge, and, at the tender age of 50 years old, the bridge looks like it’s been through a lot. There are, of course, no rails, so you better be sure-footed when crossing this rickety bridge, or you might find yourself swimming with the fish below.
1. Sidhue River Bridge - China
This suspended bridge spans more than 1,300 meters, connecting Shanghai and Chendo, and is just part of the long and dangerous mountain pass known as highway Huyu G50. At an astounding height of over 460 meters, this bridge is the highest bridge in the world.
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