10 Things You Should Know Before Shopping on Black Friday

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means so is that hyper commercialized day called Black Friday. With all the hype of discounts and doorbusters, you can hardly blame people for sacrificing sleep, comfort, and even a good ol’ fashioned Thanksgiving meal for the sake of clutching such savings.
But before you make that momentous decision to join the millions of people on such a commercial day, check out these 10 things you should know before shopping on Black Friday.

10. It's a huge retail day
The appeal of discounted items is a huge draw for people. In fact, in 2011, 226 million Americans purchased $52 billion worth of merchandise on that Thanksgiving weekend alone.
9. It's greatly anticipiated
According to Google Trends, online searchers started looking for the term “Black Friday” on Oct. 14, with activity revving up around Oct. 20. That’s about a whole month away from the actual day.
8. Black Friday holiday
Actually Black Friday is not considered a federal holiday. However, some states consider it to be a public holiday.
7. Doorbusters
According to Jon Vincent, spokesman for BlackFriday.com. If you want a chance at getting your hands on Black Friday doorbusters you will have to be the first in line, (which means arriving at the store on Thanksgiving morning or earlier).
The last few days of the holiday shopping season will usually have better deals than Black Friday. Some products may even sell for 10 percent to 15 percent less.

5. People enjoy shopping on Black Friday
According to a 2012 study of roughly 460 consumers for WWD by Marvin Traub Associates, it was found that 57% of Black Friday shoppers enjoyed the experience. However, 43% did not.
4. Doorbusters are really limited items
It’s likely that only the first few shoppers in line will snag doorbuster deals due to low quantities. For example, last year’s mythic Sharp 42″ HDTV deal for $199 at Best Buy was really popular. Nevertheless the retailer only guaranteed 10 units per store.
3. You can get black Friday deals online
Don’t feel like getting out of bed at ungodly hours in the morning? Your in luck because more and more Black Friday deals are available online. In fact, last year an estimated 70% of in-store Black Friday deals were also available online for the same price or even less!

2. Secret Black Friday deals
Retailers like Walmart and Best buy offer “Secret” Black Friday deals that you can only get online.
1. Beware of return policies
Some stores tighten their return policies considerably during the holidays thus making it harder to return items. And even if you can return items some retailers will only give you store credit in spite of you having a receipt.
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