Top 10 Super Hottest Celebrity Moms In The World

Seeing this celebrities in red carpets, premiers, glamour, paparazzi and magazine covers we are always like “Wow”, “Cool’, “Hot” and the likes most especially when I comes to the female celebrities.

In this post we will be listing celebrity mom that are super hottest. Who is your favorite? What are your expectations on the names that will be on this list? Let’s roll into the list of the most super hottest celebrity mom.

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis has been on the spotlight for quite some time now and with her classic performance back then in 70s she is still trending on the list of well renowned celebrities in the world.
She is the wife of the hunk, Ashton Kutcher which makes both of the perfect couples one needs in life

Miranda Kerr

Super-hot. Its Miranda Kerr and Australia model and one of the hottest celebrities in the world. She is damn pretty and no matter how powerful you are when it comes to self-control, there is no way you would be able to resist having a glance at her for more than two times.
You won’t believe that she is a mother of a seven year old cute boy but yet she still looks really hot and also a perfect mom.

Scarlet Johnson

It’s the American model, actress Scarlet Johnson. She is known for her hotness. Well, I must say I had heavy crush on her the very first day saw her and that was in one of American’s heroic film – The Avengers.
She became during one of the shooting of The Avengers series. Take a closer look at her again and was your say? What a perfect hot mom.

Kim Kardashian

There is no place in the internet, media, magazine that portrays a complete list of celebrities without including The Kardashians. Kim is one of the most talk about celebrities in the world. Apart from being a Kardashian she is also married to a very popular singer Kanye West.
When Kim Kardashian was pregnant it looked like she was going to be over-shaped but everything became different when she gave birth to her two children.

Sofia Vergara

There are some celebrities that aren’t just getting aged. Sofia Vergara is one of such. She still looks pretty, hot, beautiful and there is no way you could resist her beauty. One shocking thing might not know about her is that she also has a child of 21 years. That is unbelievable right? Yes, but it is the fact.

Megan Fox

Who would say he or she doesn’t know Megan Fox. Lol, even a pre-teen knows her. She has been the crush of teenagers and also adult with her superb beauty. I am sure that as you are going through this you’ve already decided to become her fan. Yea, that’s how many people including me became her fan. One great thing about her is that after becoming a mother she still manages to maintain her hell beauty and super hotness.

Heidi Klum

Having been a stunner when it comes to beauty, Heidi Klum has always kept that feel, that smile, that beauty, that super hotness even after given birth to four children.


How on earth are we going to write a list of super hottest celebrity mom without talking of the accolade Beyoncé. Beyoncé has been on the spotlight for a long time and what makes are over hyped more as a celebrity was when she ended up marrying the popular singer Jay Z.

Angelina Jolie

Most celebrities live a life of pretense. They act like Angels in the shows, red carpets, interviews and the likes but when it comes to real life, who they truly are, then you will noticed that they are quite the opposite of what they claim to be. Angelina Jolie is truly an exception. She is a sweet model who is able to combine and blends both her profession and also her real life. She truly loves kids and that’s not a pretense but a true fact about her. She is one celebrity we the fans hope to end up with as wife in the real life. What a damsel, what a queen, what an Angel. Love you Jolie.


Although, the likes of Megan Fox, Beyoncé, Kim, Jolie are exceptionally cool and unique but Shakira still conquers them on this list. The Columbian singer has been on the spotlight all over the even when she hasn’t married and also when she got married to the famous Barcelona defender, Gerard Pique. Both of them are super perfect and that is why they head the list of our super hottest couples in the world.
Can you still remember Shakira of those days when she was very good ar swinging her waist? Oh yes, you should be able to remember that. She is still same, she never lost any of what she has even after becoming a mother.
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