In this digital age we live in, it’s possible to create relationships with people around the world without ever having to meet anyone in person. Italian artist Simone Ferriero knows all about this. He and his Canadian girlfriend, Krisi, met online. Last December, when the distance became too much for them, Ferriero decided to hop on a plane to Toronto to finally meet his lady.

Excited to come face-to-face with his sweetie for the first time, he decided to document his memories of the entire trip. He didn’t do this through photos, or a journal, he did it with a comic-diary as a true artist would.

From the moments he spent waiting in the airport, to the Canadian food he enjoyed, Ferriero drew it all. Check out these illustrations of Toronto through an Italian’s eyes, and the super sweet love story that goes with it.

It all started in Naples, Italy. With a long plane ride ahead of him, I’m sure Ferriero was already feeling the nerves set in at the thought of meeting Krisi for the very first time.

What is there left to do when you know you still have hours left on the plane, and can’t stop thinking about meeting your girlfriend for the first time? Admire the wing of course, and draw a picture of it.

Trying to make the time go by faster on the long plane ride with some drawing. Who knows, maybe this is an illustration of the very moment he began this comic-diary. It looks like he’s huddled up anticipating the chilly Canadian weather.

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