Just 23 Things That'll Entertain The Heck Out Of Your Dog

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1. An interactive jumbler toy reviewers swear by for tons of interactive fun for your furry friend! A ball-within-a-ball sounds like any dog's dream come true.

Promising review: "It bounces, it squeaks, it has handles for the dog to grip and has to be the best toy purchased for an active 1-year-old puppy." —KitKat
Get it from Target for $13.99.

2. A pack of Greenies chew treats to help soothe your pup and give them something to do when they are anxious or bored.

Greenies / Via instagram.com
Promising review: "My dog Egan uses these once a day and the vet actually asked if I brushed his teeth. He has no build-up or bad breath — these are awesome!" —mlana
Get them from Petsmart for $4.99+ (available in six sizes).

3. A Wigglebutt Box subscription to give your dog lots of high-quality toys, treats, and other goodies that'll make their little butt shake all month long!

What you get: Six to eight fantastic items for your pupper, like toys, additive-free treats, seasonal goodies, and one dog-themed gift for humans!
Promising review: "This is the second subscription box for dogs that I have ordered and I was so much more impressed with this one than the old one. This one is 10 bucks more than the other I got, and you get about three times the stuff in it. My dog loves the toys in it and tried to bully us into blowing more bubbles for her, I think that was her favorite part other than the granola bar. I will for sure be keeping up this subscription for her. I'm super impressed." —Danielle C.
Get it from Cratejoy for $25/month.

4. A floppy knot fox toy that's as cute as it is durable. This bb has lots of rope and can handle many tug of war sessions, even if your dogster is a chewer (according to reviewers).

Promising review: "My dog that chews up everything cannot chew this up, and he carries it everywhere. I am buying my second because the first one got so dirty — he loved it so much!!" —Petesmom
Get it from Petsmart for $11.49+ (available in two sizes).

5. And a rubber beaver toy ideal for any pet parents out there with a super chewer on their hands!

Promising review: "This dog toy is really nice! My dogs love it and it is made very well. My dogs have been chewing on it for over a month now and it still looks brand new. It is made of very hard rubber and is perfect for big dogs. My little dogs also play with it. I would definitely recommend this toy and will be using this brand from now on." —Heather145
Get it from Target for $16.99.

6. A naturally shed antler to keep your pup chomping and chewing for hours. I never thought my dog would be into antlers until they brought one in from the yard the other day.

It was a sight to see!
Promising review: "My dog loves this bone, rarely leaves his possession. One of the best bones I've bought for my dog, long-lasting and he loves it." —Chad n Chandler
Get it from Petco for $14.24+ (available in three sizes).

7. A loud and proud rainbow cloud toy so your dog can have an indoor pride celebration this year too.

My dog is extremely gay and we are gonna have a t4t photoshoot in the yard FOR STARTERS in lieu of marches being cancelled. Stay home ya'll .
Promising review: "My Scooby loves this toy. It’s medium size and the rainbow tongue is cute. My toddler holds that part to play fetch with our dog. It’s very well-made and hasn’t torn at all, we play with it several times a day." —Beautycole
Get it from Target for $9.99.

8. A Bark Box subscription packed with high-quality and adorably-themed dog treats and toys your pupper will go ga-ga over!

Macey J. Foronda, Taylor Miller, Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed
What you get: Six to 11 treats, beef chews, and adorable monthly-themed toys per box (worth double or more in retail value) in 12-month, 6-month, 3-month and 1-month shipments
Promising review: "I *adore* a good theme, which made opening this box an utterly delightful experience for my extreme Type-A soul. The hippo has easily become Ruggie's favorite toy of all time; it was one of the only things that comforted her after her surgery. It's part-rope, part-stuffed animal, part-nubby ball with squeaker inside, and while Ruggie hasn't done much damage to it yet, I'm betting this would be a great toy for power chewers since it's basically toy-ception." —Claire
Read our full review of Barkbox to see how this subscription stacks up against other pup boxes!
Get it from Bark Box starting at $21/month (choose from three different sizes for your doggo).

9. A slow-feeder bowl to stop your pup from getting sick by eating way too fast, and keep them occupied while they monch and cronch down dinner.

Promising review: "Our boy ate so fast and would throw up shortly after full bites of kibble. We got this and it takes him about an hour to eat now. He hasn’t thrown up once. Definitely works!!" —OaksMom
Get it from Petsmart for $12.99 (available in two colors).

10. A pack of bully sticks so your dog can chew their boredom away instead of following you around the house for pets while you are trying to tidy up!

Raw Paws Pet Food
My pup loves to make nests out of clothes while I am trying — ahem — to do the laundry, but thankfully they love bully sticks more! I always like to have these on hand for busy chore days to keep my dog occupied.
Get a pack of six from Raw Paws Pet Food for $31.99.

11. A Dapper Dog subscription so you and your pup can have seasonal-themed photoshoots with custom bandanas and adorable toys.

The Dapper Dog
What you get: You'll get a new seasonal bandana every month, plus two healthy bags of treats/chews and two adorable toys.
Get it from The Dapper Dog for $35.99/month.

12. A four-pack of squeaker tennis balls for anyone who has a little dog with a lot of energy (me), because fetch time is the best time!

Promising review: "I've bought this size and brand for years. My two cockapoos love this size. Fits easily in their mouths, squeaks easily (tough if you're trying to watch a movie), holds up well though over the course of a year they do manage to peel off some fuzz. You'll be less likely to destroy the ball by running over it w your mower because it sits lower in the grass than the standard tennis ball." —clareart
Get it from Target for $4.99.

13. And a tennis ball Nerf gun that your dog would def add to cart for you if they could. Goodbye sore arms and hello to your pupster running around chasing tennis balls for hours!

Get it from Target for $19.99.

14. A Mystic Pup subscription so you can give your best buddy a dose of magic, sparkles, unicorn-themed toys, and goodies (for you both) every month!

Any subscription box for both dogster and dog parent is a win-win if you ask me!
What you get: Four to six full-size, themed items for you and your pup. There will be toys and all-natural treats in every box for your pup, and all sorts of things for you — home decor items, healthy snacks, aromatherapy oils, tea, jewelry, books, bath and beauty products, crystals, and more!
Promising review: "Fantastic Box! My puppy spent hours playing with the unicorn toys and loved the treats. I adored the necklace and candle and the blessing was so sweet. I am totally in love with this box and it's so reasonably priced! The items are very high-quality. It was like present after present that my pup and I opened together. Loved it. Great job!" —Andrea H.
Get it from Cratejoy for $39.95/month.

15. An Easter basket buddy toy that's too cute for words. Good thing it squeaks!

Get it from Target for $11.99.

16. A raw beef tripe blend that'll blow the socks off your dog on the first bite (if dogs wore socks) and help them keep up with an active lifestyle. Single-ingredient food just may be what your dog needs if they are sensitive to certain foods, and reviewers swear by this flavor!

Raw Paws Pet Food
Promising review: "My dog is nuts about this signature blend. Weaning him off kibble to raw has actually been easier than I thought. I also was very appreciative of the help I got when I emailed with questions about other products." —April Calabrese
Get it from Raw Paws Pet Food for $8.99.

17. A G-train dog carrier designed to carry dogs up to 25 pounds, so elderly dogs and puppies can still go on adventures 'til they get tired. I need this for my little bb!

Promising review: "I bought this because my dog is getting a little older and can’t handle long hikes like he used to. I used to carry him when he was tired, but when I saw this bag I knew I needed it! We have gone on several hikes and Smokey is always comfy in the pack. I’m so happy with this pack and it’s worth every penny to be able to take my older dog with me on long hikes!" —Sheila marie
Get it from Kurgo for $149.99.

18. A squeaking cactus toy to entertain the wild little mouths of puppies everywhere while they're teething.

Promising review: "Super cute. Our golden puppy loves it. It has a squeaker which was a pleasant surprise!" —Hannah L.
Get it from Waggo for $15.

19. A pack of Nylabones made with real bison that'll give your pup the thrill of their life. My Chihuahua has tried to take on deer, cows, and elk so I know that little rascal would love to chomp down on a bison!

Promising review: "I have a puppy and a large dog with sensitive teeth so large bones aren’t good for them. The dogs loved these and their size meant they didn’t damage their teeth." —Dijung
Get a 16-pack from Petco for $8.44.

20. A flower-and-bees fetch toy so your dog can run around the yard/house screaming "spring is here!" with their new toy.

This photo, it makes me weep.
Get it from Target for $9.99.

21. A PETure Perfect subscription so you can get products personalized with your pet's face on it, and your pet will get the homemade treats you make with the included recipes!

Can't really think of anything cuter to do during quarantine — this wins.
What you get: A main item featuring your pet such as a mug, bamboo coaster, or canvas notebook, and other goodies like pet treat recipes. Pet portraits are created by artists, and you can change the pet's picture every three months.
Promising review: "I got three months of PETure perfect for my father's birthday and he absolutely loved it. Great gift for pet lovers!" —Ryan
Get it from Cratejoy for $27/month (choose for a cat or dog).

22. A zisc dog toy that'll zoom and zoom and zoom while your dog chases, jumps, and catches. I'm getting happy and dizzy just picturin' it.

Target, West Paw / Via instagram.com
Promising review: "Our dogs are in heaven! This little disc is so fun and inventive, it’s like a mini frisbee, but sturdy and thick enough for dogs to grasp with their mouths and play with for ages! Our dogs' love playing fetch with it and beg for more playtime. It soars through the air with ease and they can catch it easily. It’s the perfect weight for dogs and seems specially made for them. The bright green color makes it super easy to find on the lawn too. The texture and feel gives it a non-slip surface that’s good for grasping. Mine aren’t the type to chew, but I suspect it would be great for that as well. I’d definitely recommend this one for your pooch, it’s a winner!" —Jeyae
Get it from Target for $12.99.

23. And a pineapple dog bed to help your pup feel secure and happier than SpongeBob SquarePants living under the sea! It doesn't get much better than having a good place to rest after an exciting day as a dog.

This is so cute it should not be allowed.
Get it from Chewy for $45.

Your dog high-fiving you after a long day of play:

@animalplanet / Via giphy.com
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